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The world first transactional mining loan platform
Bridging the gap between Borrowers and Lenders

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What is TokenLoan

TokenLoan is a blockchain-based C2C digital assets loan platform. Borrowers are able to hold their digital assets by pledging their digital assets and borrowing digital assets or fiat from lenders. On the other hand, lenders are able to lend their digital assets and receive interest in return. TokenLoan ensures decentralization due to its transparent and trustful borrowing and lending platform.

TokenLoan Smart Contract

Why choose TokenLoan


You don't have to be a guarantor at all! TokenLoan does not hold any of your digital assets. Transactions are done on smart contracts.


Transactions are transparent in a way that they are all shown on the blockchain itself. Risks and fraud can be minimized while a trustful relationship can be achieved at the same time.


We ensure that safety is our priority. That is why digital assets are stored in the cold wallet.


Smart contracts cannot be altered. It is automated once the conditions are met, making sure all loans are fair and effectively obey the agreements.

How to use TOKENLOAN

Process Flow for Borrowing

1. Application for Borrowing

2. Pay platform fee

3. Transfer pledge coin

4. Application Successful

Process Flow for Lending

1. Application for lending

2. Transfer coin

3. Pending confirmation

4. Lending completes

Our Team
Gary Nee
Master,Peking University
Global Partner

Full stack developer who work at IBM, Become Japan, Alipay, a serial entrepreneur holding 2 technical patents, Founder of online loan promotion platform and mobile app technical company with good revenue remarks.
Chason Deng
Master, Peking University
Technology Partner.

Former director of Techfaith and BYD project who was in charge of development and research of dozens of large mobile Internet project, such as BYD mobile phone system and China Telecom cloud marketing and technical director of online loan platform. Built blockchain based promotion system.
Part of Technical Team Members
RuiQing Shen
Senior BlockChain Engineer
Yong Du
Senior BlockChain Engineer
Hua Chai
Product Manager
Hugh Xu
Frontend Software Engineer
Zhengwu Xiang
IOS Software Engineer
Gaofei Sheng
Android Software Engineer
Sheng Cai
Senior Test Engineer
August Wang
UI Designer
Our Advisors
Zhang Han
Doctor of Math in New Source Welse University. Enrolled Actuary of Australia. Former Australia National team of Olympic International Mathematics. Special speaker of MIT SloanSchool's Sports Analytics forum. Quantitative analyst in Macquarie Bank; participated in building Australia The exchange of carbon emission’s risk controlling modal and The risk of financial derivatives hedging model.
Zhang Guiguang
Post-doctor in Tsinghua University Visit scholarship in University of California, Irvine; Associate Professor, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Research directions: smart contracts, digital encryption algorithms, and machine learning algorithms. Participated in the preparation of 2016 and 2017 Zhongguancun Blockchain Industry Alliance "China Blockchain Technology and Industry Development White Paper." 2017 "Computer Science" "blockchain technology" column invited editor. He has published more than 60 SCI/EI papers, applied for more than 20 invention patents, and hosted or participated in more than 10 projects.
A De
Blockchain product expert, PMCAFF CEO, the world's largest product manager community, and founder of the blockchain project NEWORK (TOKEN: NKC). He has more than 10 years of product manager experience and served as the person in charge of a number of large-scale Internet major product lines. He used to be the head of the International Hotel, 360 senior product manager, participated in 360 well-known projects, and Sina Weibo user incentive products.
Mark Tan
Five years of commercial and corporate banking experience - migrated from a traditional financial world to the world of digital finance and rebuilding finance with Wanchain. Mark is Wanchain’s South East Asia Business Development Director and also WanLab South East Asia’s Advisor.
Our Investors
Transference fund is China's leading digital currency fund focusing on the blockchain finance and the first - and second-tier linkage.
Wanfund is the world's leading provider of cross-chain technology launched by Wanchain, focusing on the investment and incubation in ecosystem and digital finance area.
Nebula Group is comprehensive service organization organized by multiple members of Prometheus Blockchain Union, mainly focusing on the layout of block chain application infrastructure, becoming the main sponsor of Fcoin to formulate the recommendation rules.
William ZHU
Founder of International Digital Economic Union (IDEL)
Chairman of The Blockchainer
Founder and LP of Consensus Capital
Michael XU
AC Capital partner
Supply chain Finance Professional.
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Two millions users
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Road Map

2017 Q4 ~ 2018 Q1

2018 Q2

2018 Q3 ~ Q4

1. White Paper

2. System planning

3. Development of MVP and smart contract 1.0

4. Development of Oracle

5. Building seed community

1. Development of iOS & Android App

2. Development of smart contract 2.0

3. Development of Security and Auditing

4. Primary stage of user community development

5. Trial running

1. Main Net up and running.

2. Providing API and SDK

3. Official operation

4. Development and/or integrate cross chain solution.(Such as: WANChain)

2017 Q4 ~ 2018 Q1

1.White Paper

2.System planning

3.Development of MVP and smart contract 1.0

4.Development of Oracle

5.Building seed community

2018 Q2

1.Development of iOS & Android App

2.Development of smart contract 2.0

3.Development of Security and Auditing

4.Primary stage of user community development

5.Trial running

2018 Q3 ~ Q4

1.Main Net up and running.

2.Providing API and SDK

3.Official operation

4.Development and/or integrate cross chain solution.(Such as: WANChain)

The world first transactional mining loan platform
Bridging the gap between Borrowers and Lenders.


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