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Make your idle digital assets work for you everyday.

What is TokenLoan

TokenLoan is a blockchain based peer-to-peer digital assets loan platform.
Borrowers can hold their digital assets meanwhile by pledge of the digital assets rights they can borrow digital assets from lenders. lenders lend out digital assets and receive interests.
it is decentralized, fair and trustful platform.

TokenLoan Smart Contract

Why choose TokenLoan

Convenient, Trustful


no Guarantee corporation. TokenLoan is not hold your assets. all the transactions are on Ethereum Smart Contract. and samart contract is open source


all participatees can explorer the transaction records in blockchain, with the permission to modify. it is helpful to reduce risks and fraud and achive trust.


based on the distributed network and crypto storage, the blockchain is hard to be attacked.all the loan tractions can be safely executed and recorded.


due to the smart contract is changable and unrevokeable, it is trigger events when the written condition is matched, it is fair to guarantee all the transaction are executed effectively.

How to use TOKENLOAN

borrowing flow

1. apply for borrow

2. lender agree

3. send pledge tokens

4. reveive tokens

5. repayment

lending flow

1.apply for lender

2.borrow agree

3.reveive pledge tokens

4.send tokens

5.get benefit

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Make your idle digital assets work for you everyday.

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